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Let’s Make Your Entertainment All About YOU

Let’s say we have James & Wendy. James & Wendy are the hosts of their wedding. When guests walk into their wedding reception, they want them to think “This is SO a James & Wendy party!” If you can relate to our fictional James & Wendy, read on for our top 5 tips for choosing entertainment that matches your personality:

reception dancing15

#1: Hip Hop and 80s and top 40s, oh my!
You love every single song, you can dance to any one that comes on and you will sing along to each one. For you, is the entertainment group that can handle it all. Firstly, do they have a collection of oldies alongside a collection of 90s with a selection of dance hits on the side? Secondly, can they blend the genres throughout the night so it doesn’t feel like you’re being walked through each of the decades? Try to see them perform live or get video footage beforehand so you’re not fooled!

reception dancing20

#2: Past Lives
When thinking of your best musical experience, you think of that unforgettable Keith Urban concert you went to a month before your engagement or the all-nighter at Miami’s hottest nightclub in South Beach. Find out if your DJ, MC or band musicians have performed in those environments that are the epitome of the vibe you want at your wedding. They’ll have the experience to make it happen.

#3: David Guetta…who??
You love dancing in your car to the latest hits on the radio and you absolutely love the newest song by the newest artist. And your DJ or band has no idea what or who that is. Major red flag! Music is constantly changing and if your entertainment vendor isn’t up to speed with your music tastes, it’s likely that won’t change in 6 months on your wedding day. Choose people who clearly knows the music trends.

#4: The diva vs. the girl next door
Spotlights… photo montages…shout outs…Are you looking for attention? Some couples will eagerly reply yes, and others may hesitate. Either way, the right entertainment team will give you options of how interactive and attention grabbing or subtle and laid back your reception could be, meanwhile hosting a rocking party in any scenario.

reception dancing18

#5: Face Time
Emails are great, phone calls are event better, but real face to face interaction….that just tops the list! Yes, schedules are busy and meetings require traveling, but would you trust your wedding cake baker without digging into some samples?? Get a taste of your entertainment crew with at least a virtual call (i.e. Skype) but if it’s not 200 miles away, schedule a meeting and get a feel for vibes and personalities…from there, you’ll trust your instincts (and analyze all the other pointers on this list!)

We always say music is crcucial to a successful event, so make sure yours is in line with how you want to party!


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