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Blow Your Guests Away…With A Saxophonist!

Effortlessly elegant. Classic. Sophisticated.

If you want your event to be remembered by these words, having a live saxophonist will add that extra flair to your event. We’re sure you’d agree that music plays a central role in any event, so why not go the extra mile and make it unforgettable.

We’re absolutely OBSESSED with the saxophone and here’s just a few reasons why:


At most clubs and events, the people on the dance floor are so removed from the entertainers. My goal as a saxophonist, as a live musician, is to play music that brings heightened energy, inspires greater movement, and results in more enthusiastic interaction amongst everyone involved. With that, I’m able to bridge the gap between the audience and the entertainers.–Kevin Bene, Saxophonist, Vision Live Music Director

Add a bit of soul to your event

There’s no arguing how enticing the rich, mellow, and deep tones of the sax are. It’s clearly a beautiful instrument, and produces the sexiest sound. Imagine your favorite songs…be it Journey or Usher played with a saxophone, and trust us: it will sound as amazing as you think.  You’ll love it as much as we do!


Create memorable impact

Picture this: the bride walks down the aisle as she stands by her soon to be spouse, tears are welling in the eyes of the guests, and the romantic mood is undeniable. Add the perfect music by the sax, and your wedding ceremony is pretty much one for the books!

Or how about this: you’re celebrating the annual Holiday Party, dancing to your favorite hit songs, and in comes the sax remix! Literally playing alongside the DJ to your favorite dance music and top 40s hits—who said the sax only plays classical music? Just imagine counting down to the latest dance hits in style—now that will leave an impression.


A one-of-a-kind musical attraction to all the dull moments (not that there would be many!)

Otherwise subdued moments, like the cocktail hour or dinner don’t have to be so standard, spice it up with a classy and sexy ambience that’ll keep the mood just right. There’s no need to worry about dead air, because there’d only be soulful, smooth music playing in the background.

When you and your guests look back on your event, it’s the biggest moments and the tiniest details that you’ll remember. And guess what? A saxophonist would fit right into either one of them!


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