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Top 5 Tasks Your Wedding Coordinator Will Handle (So You Don’t Have To!)

You deserve to look your best on your wedding day.

But if you’ve been all over the place trying to put together your own wedding and stressing over every detail, don’t count on it!

Trust me, you’d want to remember your wedding day as a special, happy occasion. You deserve not to stress over your every last detail, and have a ton of fun.

Let me run you through a couple of things (among the almost endless list!) that a wedding coordinator will do for you, so you won’t have to!


1. Turn your dream wedding into a reality

You can’t be sure that your wedding will be everything you dreamed it to be, unless you have a coordinator on the same page as you. From creating a realistic timeline of the day, to working with the wedding officiant, to choreographing the wedding ceremony, you have a personal director for the day.

Wedding Coordinator_Vision2

2. Be your safe keeper

You’d want to make sure that your gifts and personal items are safely kept—and that’s where the wedding coordinator comes in, making sure that they’re properly stored and delivered in your arms at the end of the night. You don’t want to constantly worry where you last placed your phone or if the gifts made it back to your hotel room, would you?

3. A personal liason between you and your vendors

Floor plans, setup schedules, and timelines, oh my! Did the transportation arrive on time? Is the hair and make-up on schedule? Have the flowers arrived? What about the food deliveries? All those final details that have to be confirmed with the vendors–worry no more! Your wedding coordinator will be taking care of every loose string.

Wedding Coordinator_Vision1

4. Handle all those last minute (and unappealing) details

There’s that not so pretty side of wedding coordinating I’m sure you want nothing of. Such as: dealing with wedding crashers (they exist!), returning rentals, final payments, etc. Trust me, you want nothing to do with this, but your wedding coordinator will be happy to assist!


5. Keep things running smoothly on your big day

No matter how much you prepare for your wedding, there will always be last-minute glitches. Timeline changes, fashion emergencies, missing items…and the list goes on.You can’t possibly deal with them, wearing your wedding dress and all! That’s where your coordinator steps in and brings everything back to order (usually without you knowing there was a problem to begin with)!

Sit back and enjoy your day—your wedding day is supposed to be fun! You wouldn’t want to look back and only remember putting out fires and managing mishaps, would you?  

Focus on looking forward to the start of your happily ever after!


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