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Making Your Entertainment the Best It Can Be

Whether you just got engaged or are now in planning crunch time, making the most of your entertainment choices should be a top priority. Heck, it’s what will make your night a great success so let’s make sure you get the best experience you can! These are our top 5 tips to help you not only stay organized and stress-free, but also over the moon ecstatic at your wedding…

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#1: The original vs. the remix

Songs have been covered, remixed, translated… it’s rare for a popular song to exist solely in its original state. With that in mind, be very specific with which version of a song you would like for the processional, your first dance, and any other key moments throughout your wedding. The last thing you want to happen is your DJ playing a remixed version of L.O.V.E when you imagined dancing to the instrumental.

#2: Confirm, confirm, confirm

You’ve changed your first dance song 10 times and you’re worried the DJ will play the wrong one. Don’t let your indecisiveness affect the flawlessness of your day…a week before the wedding confirm all your music selections with your entertainment company by email AND phone. Although it’s now 2015 we all still encounter email problems and those missing, never received emails continue to gather somewhere in the cloud. Make the extra phone call to ensure yours doesn’t end up there as well.

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#3: The circle of trust

Rule #1: if you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t trust the instincts of your entertainment team, find another company to work with. Simple. A great DJ and MC combo doesn’t need you to write out every song you want to hear for each of the 4 hours. They get to know you, they feel the crowd, and they adapt in the moment to make the reception seamless. A simple list of your favorite genres, top 10 absolute must have songs, and a specific Do Not Play list along with some bonding time is more than enough to leave the bulk of the job to the experts.

#4: The cool club is in the loop

If you book multiple forms of entertainment through different companies, fill everyone in on your plans! Your DJ will not be mad you chose to hire a band for your ceremony, but he will appreciate having known about it (especially when your ceremony is in the same room as your reception and the 2 entertainment teams need to do a quick setup swap in usually less than an hour!). We’re still working on getting super high-speed moving powers like you see in time-lapse video, but until then….


#5: The power of the spoken word

You went to your cousin’s wedding and the DJ played too many oldies for your taste or you were at your best friend’s wedding and the MC sped through the cake cutting. For those brides, both of your concerns may have been irrelevant, but for you…crucial points! Be sure to verbalize and communicate with your entertainment team what you like and don’t like from past experiences–this is a sure way to help personalize your wedding. Speak up and dodge unwanted surprises!


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